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Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

On Facebook, Witches are often asked what element they are, and during a recent blackout (thank the gods I have enough candles to open up my own shop!), I found myself contemplating just that. Well, in particular, I was contemplating how I related to each of the four basic elements. Here's what I came up with:

My astrological sign, Virgo, belongs to the Earth element, making me the kind of person who organizes, anaylzes, and agonizes over minute details (we Virgos are especially bad about that). However, I'm drawn to the element of Fire, which makes sense because I'm also a creative and passionate person (then again, that could be my birth year exerting its influence, since, according to Chinese astrology, I was not only born in the Year of the Tiger, but in particular, the Year of the Fire Tiger). And of course, like a lot of humans, I also feel drawn to Water, which can exert a calming influence over me (not to mention, an emotional one, as I'm one of those people who is often led by their emotions). As for the element of Air, though, I have very little to say, since I don't feel a particular pull to it like I do with the other elements (which is strange, considering that without Air, life would cease to exist).

My First Familiar

My very first familiar, I truly believe, was this cat that used to live with my grandparents. His name was Tiger Boy, a name I've been told I myself chose when I was a kid. I've also been told that when I was about three, Tiger Boy was kinda feral, but he instinctively trusted me enough to let me pet him. In fact, for a while, he wouldn't let anyone near him but me. Sadly, he's been gone for a while, but I would like to think that he and my grandmother are both watching over me. :)

Astral Projection

The first and only time I tried to astral project was back when I was in high school. I wound up someplace remote (I wanna say a desert, but I'm not entirely certain) where I came across some people and their dogs around a campfire. I ducked down, not wanting to be noticed, but even after their dogs started barking at me, they still didn't notice I was there. When I finally returned to my own body, I found that only ten minutes had passed.

How I Found Out I'm a Witch

One cloudy day, when I was about ten, I was lounging in this swing in my backyard (a favorite spot at the time), when I started messing around, and discovered I could part the clouds with a spell. I then 'put them back together,' as it were, just to see if it was a fluke, and sure enough, it wasn't. So, finally, I made it rain, and that's when I knew I was a Witch! :)